Free Trials and Wonderful Gifts--CIO makes your New Year’s dreams come true


Activity Time: January 6th, 2014 – February 28th, 2014 


Activity Participants: All the student members on the Confucius Institute Online (CIO)


1. 通过一对一辅导平台,向中国的汉语教师免费学习汉语;每次学习时间超过30分钟,送20积分;超过60分钟,送50积分;

2. 在一对一辅导与同一个老师持续学习汉语,每次学习时间超过30分钟,送30积分;超过60分钟,送70积分。

3. 辅导结束给老师做出详细描述的评价,送10积分。

4. 在论坛博客分享汉语学习经历、学习计划(可以用任何语言发布,不一定是中文),每篇分享送100积分(累计不超过500积分),所发博客或新帖非本人评论数超过30条送500积分。要求分享内容末尾带有一对一辅导页面地址:

5. 对网站提出改善意见,被采纳的,视情况送100-1000积分不等。改善意见发送至邮箱: 

Points Plan:

1. You will get 20 points for over 30 minutes and 50 points for over one hour if you study Chinese via live tutoring.

2. You will get 30 points for over 30 minutes and 70 points for over one hour if you follow the same tutor for further study in Live Tutoring during the event.

3. You will get 10 points if you give a detailed description when rating the teacher’s tutoring after class..

4. You will get 100 points per article if you share your Chinese learning experiences or plans on the forum or blog(You can publish them with any kind of language).Also, the link of the Live Tutoring is needed at the end of your article:

Besides, you will get 500 points for over 30 comments (excluding your own ones) of your new posts.

5. You will get 100-1000 points if your suggestions to CIO( Confucious Institute Online ) or Live Tutoring are adopted by us. Please email your suggestions to


Redeem points


Points you have won will be added to your account within one week at the end of the event. Moreover, all the points can be redeemed for Chinese style gifts, fashionable digital products or maybe a ticket to China inConfucius Institute Online Store.

Confucius Institute Online reserves the right for final interpretation!


Procedures for Live Tutoring

1. 注册网络孔子学院并激活账户;

    Register and activate an account at Confucius Institute Online

2. 通过学习栏目或首页一对一辅导快捷按钮进入一对一辅导频道

    Access Live Tutoring via Learning in the navigation bar or the shortcut button at Home page.

 3.  选择学习科目和辅导语言,进入辅导教室; 

   Choose a subject and a language and Enter into a tutor room;


Firstly, check the class schedule according to the forecast; secondly, choose a subject : HSK, Daily Chinese, Business Chinese or Chinese Culture; thirdly, choose a language, and click “Enter” to start a one-on-one tutoring; finally, click “Enter Room” again to enter into a tutor room.

4. 开始与汉语教师一对一学习汉语!

   Start to learn Chinese via Live Tutoring.



How to set the web camera and microphone?

1. 首先确保你的电脑已经安装Adobe Flash Player

  Ensure that Adobe Flash Player is installed in your computer

2. 首次进入辅导教室后会有系统设置提示:“是否允许livetalk.chinesecio.com使用您的网络摄像机和麦克风?请”勾选“允许”和“记住”。

A system setup instruction like the following will appear if you enter the room for the first time. “Do you allow to start your web camera and microphone?” Click “Yes” and “Remember”.

3. 有些电脑在用户进入辅导教室后会在浏览器上方弹出 “用户是否允许系统启用你的摄像头和麦克风”信息,请点击”允许”。

 If the instruction like “Does user account allow the system to start the web camera and microphone?” appears above the browser, please click “Yes”.

More FAQ for Live Tutoring


Dear Chinese language learners: 



The Chinese New Year is around the corner. What are your plans for Chinese learning in the coming New Year? 

能用中文自由交流、表达自己?能读懂中文书刊报纸,获取资讯?听懂中文广播节目,了解中国时事?看懂中文电影电视剧,了解中国文化?或是用汉语在商界自由谈判、在中国市场获胜?在HSK 汉语考试取得好成绩,去中国读书并申请奖学金……您的愿望是什么?

Freely express yourselves in Chinese? Read Chinese books and newspapers for the latest information about China? Watch Chinese films and TV serials to understand more about Chinese culture? Negotiate successfully in Chinese business? Or study in China and apply for scholarship with high grades in HSK? What’s your New Year’s resolution?


Probably you find it difficult to learn Chinese as its complicated writing structures and characters have nothing to do with its pronunciations. Don’t worry! It will be very advisable of you to find a professional Chinese teacher in Live Tutoring at Confucius Institute Online so as to learn Chinese anytime and anywhere. We promise, where there is the internet, there are professional Chinese teachers!


 A lot of excellent professional Chinese teachers around the world congregating at Confucius Institute Online have always been endeavoring to provide global Chinese learners with the most convenient, fast and professional Chinese teaching services, which will make Chinese learning more efficient than ever.

为迎接新年的到来,网络孔子学院推出 “免费学汉语,积分兑好礼”活动,助您实现汉语学习新愿望!

In order to welcome the New Year, Confucius Institute Online launches the “Free Trial and Wonderful Gifts” activity, aiming at helping you to realize your dreams of Chinese learning.


As the saying goes, “A year’s plan starts with spring”, let’s learn Chinese just at the beginning of the year.


Confucius Institute Online wishes all Chinese learners happy New Year and may your dreams come true!

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