Editor: ZHAO Sa Time: 2014-03-27 09:44 Source: Confucius Institute at Portland State University

For fliers and detailed information about the events, please visit the CIPSU’s website: www.pdx.edu/confucius-institute

Friday, April 11, 2014 at 6:30-8:00 PM in SBA 490 (615/631 SW Harrison Street, Portland, OR 97201): PSU MIM (Master of International Management) Students’ Presentation on their recent Asian Trip (Shanghai China; Tokyo Japan, Ho Chi Minh City in Viet Nam, etc.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 12:00-3:00 PM in World Affairs Council of Oregon (1200 SW Park Avenue Third Floor, Madison Room, Portland, OR 97205): Mini Conference on US, China, Japan Relations. Join a distinguished panel of experts on East Asian geopolitics for this forum and mini conference as they look at current and historical trends in the region and offer a broader context for understanding both the big picture issues and impending flashpoints. The program will include Mark Selden (Senior Research Associate, East Asia Program at Cornell University, and a Coordinator of The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus; and author of Chinese Society: Change, Conflict and Resistance); Satoko Norimatsu (Director of the Peace Philosophy Center, Vancouver and Director of Vancouver Save Article 9); and Mel Gurtov (Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Portland State University; Editor-in-Chief, Asian Perspective; and author of Will This Be China's Century?). For more detailed information about the event, please visit: http://worldoregon.org/events/programs/headline-and-cultural-forums/pacific-conflicts-china-japan-and-the-us This is a Non-CIPSU-sponsored event.

Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 5:00-8:15 PM (PSU Smith Memorial Student Union-SMSU Multicultural Center (MCC) room 228 at 1825 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97201): Oregon-China Economic Forum: International Student’s Impact on Investment, Culture & Economic Development (the Forum starts at 5:30 PM followed with the reception at 7:00 PM. The event is co-sponsored with Oregon-China Sister State Relations Council.For more detailed information, please visit:  http://www.pdx.edu/confucius-institute/sites/www.pdx.edu.confucius-institute/files/Program.pdf

Friday, April 18, 2014 at 6:30-8:00 PM in SBA 490 (615/631 SW Harrison Street, Portland, OR 97201): Orientation for the 2014 Summer K-12 Chinese Language Teacher Professional Development Training Program: new information about this year’s program, graduate credits, guest speakers/trainers; schedules, and much more. For more info and the flier for the event, please

visit:: http://www.pdx.edu/confucius-institute/sites/www.pdx.edu.confucius-institute/files/training%20orientation%20flyer-1.pdf


Sunday, April 27, 2014, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM in SBA 490 (615/631 SW Harrison Street, Portland, OR 97201): Oregon K-12 Chinese Language Teachers Professional Development Training Workshop: “中文综合课教学及案例示范” (Teaching of Comprehensive Courses and Case Demonstration) by Professor ZHANG Ying, Dean of School of Chinese as a Second Language at Peking University; and ““国际汉语教师的基本素质与能力”(The Basic Quality and Ability of International Chinese Teachers):   1. 汉语国际教育形势的特点及对教师的需求与要求        The Characteristics of Chinese International Education as Well as Needs and Requirements for the Teachers;2. 国际汉语教师胜任力模型和国际汉语教师标准Competency Models and Standards for International Chinese Teachers; 3. 如何成为合格的国际汉语教师How to Become Qualified International Chinese Language Teachers by Professor ZHU Ruiping, Dean of College of Chinese Language & Culture at Beijing Normal University (CIPSU’s Certificate of Training will be issued to those who have successfully completed the 8-hours training program). For more info and the flier for the event, please visit: http://www.pdx.edu/confucius-institute/sites/www.pdx.edu.confucius-institute/files/flyer%20%E6%95%99%E5%B8%88%E5%9F%B9%E8%AE%AD.pdf