Confucius Institute in Belgrade to Hold “Chinese Film Month” in Zrenjanin

Editor: Tang Ziwen Time: 2014-06-13 16:38 Source: Confucius Institute at Belgrade

In collaboration with Culture Center of Zrenjanin, Confucius Institute in Belgrade is to promote Chinese culture and expand the Confucius Institute’s reputation and influence by attending the cultural activity in Zrenjanin.

Specifically, the Confucius Institute will exhibit several Chinese films adapted from excellent Chinese literature works, in the hope of providing an excellent opportunity for local people to know more about Chinese literature, contemporary Chinese history and social life. Lasting from June 11 to July 2, the Film Month will play “Raise Red Lanterns” adapted from novel Wives and Concubines by Su Tong, “Zhou Yu’s Train”from novel Zhou Yu’s Cry by Bei Cun, “Life Times”and “Lust Caution” from the novels respectively by Yu Hua and Zhang Ailing, etc. These films will be played at 21:00 each Wednesday and Thursday in the small video hall of Culture Center of Zrenjanin. It is free and welcomes everybody.