Chinese Medicine Lecture Series at the George Washington University Confucius Institute

Editor: ZHAO Sa Time: 2014-04-17 09:56 Source: George Washington University Confucius Institute

On April 5th and 6th of 2014, the George Washington University Confucius Institute was honored to invite renowned guest lecturers, Dr. Cheng Haibo, Dr. Shen Weixing and Dr. Wang Xinjun to give three guest lecture series on traditional Chinese medicine and health practice. As experts in the field, the speakers covered topics of traditional Chinese medicine theory and development, the treatment and prevention of diabetes and cancer, health maintenance and more. Dr. Shen and Dr. Wang have previously conducted research on Chinese medicine in the National Institutes of Health and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine respectively.  Under a global perspective, their discussions of how traditional Chinese philosophy and culture interrelate with Chinese medicine practice have sparked great interest in the audience.


The lecture series attracted guests from the greater Washington DC metropolitan area, including teachers, students and community members. The George Washington University Confucius Institute Chinese Deputy Director, Professor Guo Qian presided over the lecture and gave opening remarks. She thanked the experts Participants expressed their appreciation for the lecture and expressed an interest in participating in future lectures and in-depth discussions on Chinese culture and related topics. This event successfully increased understanding of Chinese traditional culture and increased awareness of the GW Confucius Institute’s mission.