Chinese Learners to Multiply in UK

Editor: Tang Ziwen Time: 2014-06-10 15:57 Source: Overseas Chinese website

Recently, according to the report of BBC Chinese version, an official from British Department for Education announced that the number of GCSE students who may opt for Chinese as an optional course would be doubled in the next five years.

By then, hundreds of secondary schools in Britain would be able to provide Chinese test for GCSE students.

Elizabeth Truss, the official who is in charge of primary and secondary education, declared that it was very important for more youngsters to learn foreign languages as it would benefit the development of British business with other countries.

Chinese teachers :

Furthermore, she believed that Confucius Institutes and Classrooms that had been established in Britain would be united as the largest Chinese teacher training center beyond China. 

"Fast-developing Chinese economy provides remarkable number of commercial opportunities for Britain. By learning Chinese, the young of Britain will have more opportunities to be fully involved in global market. That's why Premier decided to double the Chinese learners in British schools by 2020," she said.

Chinese Language Teaching:

British Department for Education announced that by 2019, the number of full-time Chinese teachers would reach to 160 and part-time ones who were qualified were also hoped to reach 1200.

It was estimated that as the number of Chinese teachers increases, GCSE students who choose Chinese as an optional course may be doubled too. 

Last year, roughly 3000 secondary students selected Chinese as an optional course while there were only 2500 in 2012.