British Carmel College Welcomed Visiting Delegation of Tianjin Xinhua High School

Editor: Tang Ziwen Time: 2014-07-23 16:28 Source: British Carmel College

July 12 local time, Carmel College, situated in Darlington, England, warmly received a group of friends from afar—exchange students of Tianjin Xinhua High School, China, who would be later on arranged to live with British host families.

On Monday morning, Principle of Carmel College, on behalf of the College, expressed her greetings to the Chinese students, followed by mutual gifts and group photos. Under the guidance of British teachers, the Chinese students visited the campus and facilities. They all marveled at the exquisite art works exhibited in the art classroom as well as technical class with mechanical equipments and cuisine class which resembles to a real kitchen.

In the following week, Chinese students went to classes with their British friends, experiencing different school life. They attended technical class, cuisine class and English class with great interest. In addition, they elatedly participated in the terminal performance and queued up for the lunch in school canteen.

Partnered with Tianjin Xinhua High School since 2012, Carmel College favorably received the first batch of exchange students of Xinhua Middle School in 2013, which won general applause. Apart from the visit, students of two schools were also organized to exchange schooling life via online videos. It was said that the Carmel College would visit Xinhua High School in October this year. 

Group photo